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1 tlk41100152_03_msg0001 84 你们帮了 我哥哥的忙对吧 谢谢你们!
2 tlk41100152_03_msg0002 84 Thanks so much for helping us!
3 tlk41100152_03_msg0003 84 I don't think we'd have been reunited if it weren't for you.
4 tlk41100152_03_msg0004 84 爸爸回来了 好高兴啊
5 tlk41100152_03_msg0005 84 好期待能和他一起玩 哥哥寄回来的游戏啊!
6 tlk41100152_03_msg0006 84 爸爸 还没回来啊[ML:Dash ] 我还很期待能和他一起 玩哥哥寄回来的游戏呢[ML:Dash ]
7 tlk41100152_03_msg0007 84 I know my brother said my da did some bad things, and that he won't be back for a long time...
8 tlk41100152_03_msg0008 84 But even if it takes years, or even decades, I still hope it'll all work out...