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1 qst105610_msg001 62 本当にルクスリアは アデルの正当な後継ではなかったんだな
2 qst105610_msg0001 84 Master! Just who I wanted to see. Glad you're still in one piece.
3 qst105610_msg0002 84 Here you go, Dad. I found the records.
4 qst105610_msg0003 84 So you did. Well done.
5 qst105610_msg0004 84 Now, you wanted to hear the truth, Liberbrant?
6 qst105610_msg0005 84 Read this. You can read the ancient language, can you not?
7 qst105610_msg0006 84 I can. Let me see...
8 qst105610_msg0007 84 This... Why, this is... But this can't be... It's absolutely...
9 qst105610_msg0008 84 The Tantal bloodline is not directly descended from Addam...
10 qst105610_msg0009 84 After usurping the throne during a period of turmoil... Ohh... My goodness...
11 qst105610_msg0010 84 So now you see. I intend to announce it publicly, when the time is right.
12 qst105610_msg0011 84 Were we not a pure...noble bloodline? What was it all for...?
13 qst105610_msg0012 84 Master Liberbrant... You've read through it all?
14 qst105610_msg0013 84 From cover to cover, yes...
15 qst105610_msg0014 84 All right. Why do you think our ancestors claimed that we were direct descendants of Addam?
16 qst105610_msg0015 84 Well...
17 qst105610_msg0016 84 Addam defended the Tornans in order to unite Tantal as one people.
18 qst105610_msg0017 84 We may not have inherited Addam's blood...
19 qst105610_msg0018 84 But let me tell you this: we sure as hell inherited his spirit!
20 qst105610_msg0019 84 Not his blood, but his spirit... That I cannot deny, Your Highness.
21 qst105610_msg0020 84 I fear I may have been getting my priorities out of order.
22 qst105610_msg0021 84 To think, the teacher would one day become the student... You've come a long way, my child.
23 qst105610_msg0022 84 So you get it now? That's what I like to hear!
24 qst105610_msg0023 84 *chuckle* All's well that ends well, then?
25 qst105610_msg0024 84 Hey, what are you laughing about?
26 qst105610_msg0025 84 I'm just impressed. Impressed that my Prince really shines when push comes to shove...unlike all the other times.
27 qst105610_msg0026 84 Wha...! Is that any way to compliment someone?!
28 qst105610_msg0027 84 Ahem...
29 qst105610_msg0028 84 You've helped us immeasurably this day, Zeke.
30 qst105610_msg0029 84 Sure, sure. Just remember where you put your keys next time, OK, Dad?
31 qst105610_msg0030 84 For that, I can but apologize. I will endeavor to pay more attention.
32 qst105610_msg0031 84 Well, it's getting on. Time we made a move. I trust you've got things sorted on your end?
33 qst105610_msg0032 84 That we do. Take care, Zeke...