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1 qst105608_msg001 62 アデルに認めてもらおうとしている 反乱兵士達がいる
2 qst105608_msg0001 84 O great and mighty Addam!
3 qst105608_msg0002 84 We offer unto you this testament of lies...
4 qst105608_msg0003 84 Addam, our hero, we beseech you! Hear our prayer and reveal yourself unto us!
5 qst105608_msg0004 84 Deliver justice to the false king who led his people astray!
6 qst105608_msg0005 84 Hold it right there!
7 qst105608_msg0006 84 Ozychlyrus! What are you doing here?!
8 qst105608_msg0007 84 You've done enough fooling around. Do you seriously think you're going to summon Addam that way?
9 qst105608_msg0008 84 This is not "fooling around"! This is a sacred ceremony to bring about His resurrection!
10 qst105608_msg0009 84 Oh yeah? Well, where is he then? 'Cos I don't see him anywhere! Oh, maybe he's running late?
11 qst105608_msg0010 84 Grrr... Don't mock us!
12 qst105608_msg0011 84 You'll see soon enough. Addam will be reborn, and you will bear witness!
13 qst105608_msg0012 84 He will come, and He will uproot the old rule, the false rule, that has oppressed Tantal for 500 years!
14 qst105608_msg0013 84 OK, they've dialed it up way past crazy now.
15 qst105608_msg0014 84 I wouldn't bother trying to argue with these fanatics any longer, my Prince.
16 qst105608_msg0015 84 Yeah, it's not looking too hopeful...
17 qst105608_msg0016 84 I think you've been truly wronged. Not least by my father...
18 qst105608_msg0017 84 But getting rid of us isn't going to help Tantal whatsoever!
19 qst105608_msg0018 84 For as long as I breathe, I plan to do everything I can to make up for all the lies you've been told.
20 qst105608_msg0019 84 Anyhow, I can see this isn't getting through to you. You won't mind if I get a bit rough then, will you!