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1 qst105607_msg001 62 書類がない!
2 qst105607_msg0001 84 Wow. I've never been in this room before. All right, so where are we at?
3 qst105607_msg0002 84 If I were a book in this dusty old place, where would I hide?
4 qst105607_msg0003 84 Aha! ...No, wait, it's just an old legal tome.
5 qst105607_msg0004 84 D'awww! It's a portrait of ickle Zeke! You were such a darling little Prince!
6 qst105607_msg0005 84 Whoa, whoa, hold on, what are you looking at?! Put that back!
7 qst105607_msg0006 84 Not here either...
8 qst105607_msg0007 84 I can't seem to find anything like what we're after...
9 qst105607_msg0008 84 Hmm. His Majesty isn't the type to lie about this sort of thing...
10 qst105607_msg0009 84 Yeah, deffo. Just like how he wouldn't lie about being the direct descendant of Addam.
11 qst105607_msg0010 84 That's not the same!
12 qst105607_msg0011 84 Just pulling your leg, Pandy. Anyway, we've turned up nothing. Looks like we'll have to tell Dad we can't find it.