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1 qst105606_msg001 62 目的は達成できた
2 qst105606_msg0001 84 That's the last of them!
3 qst105606_msg0002 84 Your Highness! Glad to see you're safe!
4 qst105606_msg0003 84 We've got the insurgents under control here.
5 qst105606_msg0004 84 Damn it! You're the ones who need to be punished, not us! You lied to us! To your people!
6 qst105606_msg0005 84 Don't you care for your country? You have no blood ties with Addam, you realize that?!
7 qst105606_msg0006 84 After hundreds of years of deception, now is the time to take down your sham of a family, and-
8 qst105606_msg0007 84 That's enough. I don't want to have to resort to undue force.
9 qst105606_msg0008 84 Hah! The prodigal son has spoken!
10 qst105606_msg0009 84 We're the victims here! Have you ever stopped to look at your people?
11 qst105606_msg0010 84 People are starving, freezing to death! All because we're being governed by a false monarch!
12 qst105606_msg0011 84 I said shut your damn mouth!
13 qst105606_msg0012 84 I know what you're trying to say. I feel cheated just as much as you.
14 qst105606_msg0013 84 But I fail to see how the state of the capital's got anything to do with whether my dad's got Addam's blood!
15 qst105606_msg0014 84 You can judge us however you like. Just wait until we've got Tantal back on its feet first.
16 qst105606_msg0015 84 Your Highness...
17 qst105606_msg0016 84 Hah! Your opinion is duly noted, "Your Highness".
18 qst105606_msg0017 84 We've done our part. It won't be long now...
19 qst105606_msg0018 84 Soon, the royal family will fall at the hands of Addam himself! Aha...ahaha...AAAHAHAHAHA!
20 qst105606_msg0019 84 Addam himself? What's that supposed to mean?
21 qst105606_msg0020 84 You'll just have to wait and see, won't you? HA-hahahaha!!!
22 qst105606_msg0021 84 This isn't going anywhere. You there. Take care of this chap, will you? Wring everything you can out of him.
23 qst105606_msg0022 84 Your Highness! Leave it to me!
24 qst105606_msg0023 84 Just remember, he used to be on our side. Go easy on him.
25 qst105606_msg0024 84 Yes, Your Highness!
26 qst105606_msg0025 84 My Prince, the key...
27 qst105606_msg0026 84 Right, yeah, I'm on it. But ugh, talk about a weird threat. I just hope it doesn't amount to more...