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1 qst105604_msg001 62 反乱が起きた 反乱分子は今までアデルの末裔だと 黙っていたことに対して憤慨している
2 qst105604_msg002 62 すまないが 反乱分子を 排除してきてもらえないだろうか
3 qst105604_msg0001 84 What's going on?!
4 qst105604_msg0002 84 Your Highness...!
5 qst105604_msg0003 84 Some of our men who heard the rumors about his Majesty and Addam have turned on us!
6 qst105604_msg0004 84 What?!
7 qst105604_msg0005 84 They're saying that they're going to take up arms against the king because he hid the truth from them!
8 qst105604_msg0006 84 Crap, I was worried this might happen!
9 qst105604_msg0007 84 Better get to it, my Prince!
10 qst105604_msg0008 84 What are we looking at?
11 qst105604_msg0009 84 The soldiers who planned the coup are starting skirmishes all over the castle!
12 qst105604_msg0010 84 Tell all units to suppress the enemy uprising and secure the area, ASAP!
13 qst105604_msg0011 84 Understood, Your Highness!
14 qst105604_msg0012 84 All right, time to join the fray!
15 qst105604_msg0013 84 Sorry about this, Pandy. Never thought I'd be getting you roped you up in personal troubles.
16 qst105604_msg0014 84 Hey, I'm your Blade. Your burden is my burden, remember. Half of this is my responsibility.
17 qst105604_msg0015 84 Still...
18 qst105604_msg0016 84 You're clearly much stronger than me. I reckon we should split it 70:30.
19 qst105604_msg0017 84 Wow. All right, fine, have it your way!
20 qst105604_msg0018 84 That's my Pandy! Come on then, we've got a rebellion to quash!