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1 qst105603_msg001 62 500年前の書類がある
2 qst105603_msg002 62 あの開かずの間か
3 qst105603_msg003 62 カギを託そう――あれ? ない!?
4 qst105603_msg0001 84 Zeke? What brings you here?
5 qst105603_msg0002 84 Not for sightseeing, I can tell you that. I'm here on behalf of Master Liberbrant.
6 qst105603_msg0003 84 Liberbrant... Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while. What's the occasion?
7 qst105603_msg0004 84 Wait, you're actually going to listen to me? Well there's a turn up for the books.
8 qst105603_msg0005 84 I am greatly indebted to Master Liberbrant for his tutelage. It's nothing to do with you.
9 qst105603_msg0006 84 I guess he's Master to a lot of us, huh? Anyway, there's only one reason I'm here.
10 qst105603_msg0007 84 I need you to lend me those 500-year-old records. You know the ones.
11 qst105603_msg0008 84 The ones that detail the truth about Tantal.
12 qst105603_msg0009 84 ...Why?
13 qst105603_msg0010 84 It's for Master...and for the state.
14 qst105603_msg0011 84 Everyone's started talking about the connection between Addam and Tantal...
15 qst105603_msg0012 84 Master feels betrayed, and so do the people. Finding out everything they believed in all these years was a lie...
16 qst105603_msg0013 84 It's not an easy thing to accept. And now they're starting to turn a blind eye to it. Refusing to believe the facts.
17 qst105603_msg0014 84 We've got to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand, Dad.
18 qst105603_msg0015 84 You know me. I hate to leave things unfinished.
19 qst105603_msg0016 84 ...All right.
20 qst105603_msg0017 84 You'll find the records in the Hall of Honor, not the room I showed you before. Look for a vault on... Hm?
21 qst105603_msg0018 84 Yeah?
22 qst105603_msg0019 84 Normally, I would have the key on my person...
23 qst105603_msg0020 84 But...?
24 qst105603_msg0021 84 But...the chain appears to have been cut.
25 qst105603_msg0022 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]What?! It's one thing after another, isn't it?
26 qst105603_msg0023 84 Your Highness! You mustn't let your temper flare in front of His Majesty!
27 qst105603_msg0024 84 You...dropped it?
28 qst105603_msg0025 84 You'd have to be a total numpty to go and lose something that important!
29 qst105603_msg0026 84 Your Highness! Language!
30 qst105603_msg0027 84 Your Majesty...would you happen to know where you might have dropped it?
31 qst105603_msg0028 84 Let's see...
32 qst105603_msg0029 84 I got up, washed my face, got dressed, had breakfast...and then sat down here.
33 qst105603_msg0030 84 After meals, I always go for a stroll around the castle. Today, as I recall...
34 qst105603_msg0031 84 I went from the Hall of Reception to the Hall of Plenty, briefly perused the Hall of Virtue, and then came back.
35 qst105603_msg0032 84 So basically you were wandering around the basement.
36 qst105603_msg0033 84 Indeed. I did not leave the premises.
37 qst105603_msg0034 84 Fine. Whatever. We'll go and have a look around the castle then...