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1 qst105602_msg001 62 鍵は一体どこにいってしまったのか――
2 qst105602_msg201 62 反乱した兵士たちが白状した
3 qst105602_msg202 62 あの書類を奪って彼らだけは 正式にアデルに認めてもらおうとしている
4 qst105602_msg301 62 反乱した兵士たちが白状した
5 qst105602_msg302 62 あの書類を奪って彼らだけは 正式にアデルに認めてもらおうとしている
6 qst105602_msg0001 84 I could have sworn it was there when I got up to get dressed this morning...
7 qst105602_msg0002 84 I'm afraid I haven't the time to go wandering around the castle for a missing key. Could you look into it?
8 qst105602_msg0101 84 We've been informed of the situation.
9 qst105602_msg0102 84 It would be wise of you not to struggle. I'm afraid you're going to have to stay put for a little while...
10 qst105602_msg0201 84 That key opens the door to the Hall of Honor. Open it, and see for yourselves.
11 qst105602_msg0301 84 Indeed... Well then, it seems I owe you an explanation with regard to that matter.
12 qst105602_msg0302 84 The soldiers who incited the rebellion have conceived a terrible plan.
13 qst105602_msg0303 84 They are trying to summon Addam himself using his annals as a catalyst...
14 qst105602_msg0304 84 so that the people will recognize them as his true followers.
15 qst105602_msg0305 84 It's sheer madness, but I believe that the best course of action is to halt them dead in their tracks.
16 qst105602_msg0306 84 Thank you. I greatly appreciate it.
17 qst105602_msg0307 84 The summoning ceremony is to take place at Spirit Crucible Elpys.
18 qst105602_msg0308 84 Ultimately, they are nothing more than a disorderly mob. Once scattered, they will be talking into the wind.
19 qst105602_msg0309 84 I need you to route them, stop their ceremony, and take back the annals.
20 qst105602_msg0310 84 Again, I apologize for this. Normally, this sort of matter would be dealt with internally...
21 qst105602_msg0401 84 Hurry to Spirit Crucible Elpys, stop their summoning ceremony, and retrieve the annals of Addam.
22 qst105602_msg0402 84 The very thought of trying to summon Addam himself... It's the height of absurdity...