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1 qst105601_msg001 62 やあ 先生久しぶり!
2 qst105601_msg002 62 ルクスリアがアデルの正当な後継でない事に 納得がいかない
3 qst105601_msg0001 84 *sigh*
4 qst105601_msg0002 84 Master Liberbrant! Haven't seen you in donkey's!
5 qst105601_msg0003 84 Hmm? Oh! Your Highness?! I'm so sorry, I didn't recognize you!
6 qst105601_msg0004 84 Well met, well met indeed! And good to see you too, Pandoria! You both look the picture of health!
7 qst105601_msg0005 84 Nice to see you too, Master Liberbrant! You're lookin' chirpy as ever!
8 qst105601_msg0006 84 This gentleman here took care of the prince when he was a kid.
9 qst105601_msg0007 84 Yep. I owe a lot to this chap.
10 qst105601_msg0008 84 So Master, what's with the sighing?
11 qst105601_msg0009 84 Oh, it's nothing you need concern yourself with. I would hate to be wasting your time.
12 qst105601_msg0010 84 Now don't be like that. You're not exactly being very convincing.
13 qst105601_msg0011 84 You're not wasting anyone's time. Come on, spit it out.
14 qst105601_msg0012 84 Hmm. Well, then...
15 qst105601_msg0013 84 I'm afraid this may seem a mite unsavory to be discussing with you...
16 qst105601_msg0014 84 It's about the king. There are some who dispute his claim to the throne. That he is not Addam's heir.
17 qst105601_msg0015 84 Is it true? Does the king... Does Your Highness not share Addam's blood?
18 qst105601_msg0016 84 It's true. Bloody shame, though.
19 qst105601_msg0017 84 T-that cannot be! Then the retainers, the people... They have all been deceived? This whole time?
20 qst105601_msg0018 84 This is unthinkable! I had such respect for the king, and for his ancestors...
21 qst105601_msg0019 84 No. No, in the end, it is all rumor and gossip. Someone must have planted false information, and...
22 qst105601_msg0020 84 Master Liberbrant, I'm sorry. It's not a rumor.
23 qst105601_msg0021 84 But...
24 qst105601_msg0022 84 I know how important empirical proof is for you, Master.
25 qst105601_msg0023 84 Always telling me not to believe anything you haven't seen for yourself. You drilled that into me, that's for sure.
26 qst105601_msg0024 84 Just you wait and see. Let me go and have a quick chat with my old man.
27 qst105601_msg0025 84 What are you planning, My Prince?
28 qst105601_msg0026 84 Remember that room he showed us?
29 qst105601_msg0027 84 It was chock full of ornaments and decorations. There's got to be some sort of written statement in there.
30 qst105601_msg0028 84 Are you sure about this? It's going to 'cos one hell of an uproar.
31 qst105601_msg0029 84 I couldn't care less. What's the point hiding it now anyway?
32 qst105601_msg0030 84 It might be hard on you, Master Liberbrant, but you've got to come to terms with it one way or another, OK?
33 qst105601_msg0031 84 ...As you wish, Your Highness.
34 qst105601_msg0032 84 Well then, time to pay my old man a visit!