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1 qst105307_msg001 62 LIST_QST105307の仮実装
2 qst105307_msg002 62 本当に助かった ありがとう もし何かあった際にはまた手を貸して欲しい
3 qst105307_msg003 62 ありがとう もし何かあった際にはまた手を貸して欲しい
4 qst105307_msg0001 84 A BQ1053TitanParasiteBig?!
5 qst105307_msg0002 84 It must have been feeding on the BQ1053TitanParasiteSml...
6 qst105307_msg0003 84 But it's the wrong season for those to be showing up...
7 qst105307_msg0004 84 All the BQ1053TitanParasiteSml must have brought it here prematurely.
8 qst105307_msg0005 84 In any case, it looks like the monster population is under control again. Thanks a ton.
9 qst105307_msg0006 84 If you ever need anything, just give me a call. I'd be more than happy to help.
10 qst105307_msg0007 84 Also, I know it's not much, but I'd like you to have this. Please, take it.