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1 qst105301_msg001 62 LIST_QST105301の仮実装
2 qst105301_msg002 62 ゲンブ頭部に兵士を駐屯させるつもりだが 自分たちだけで行くには時期が悪い
3 qst105301_msg003 62 というのも ゲンブ大雪原にいるエネミーたちが繁殖期に 入ったせいで気性が荒くなり暴れている
4 qst105301_msg004 62 毎年部隊を編成して討伐しに行っているが 今年はジーク様がおられる どうか力を貸して欲しい
5 qst105301_msg005 62 雪山肉食動物はゲンブ大雪原で暴れている 討伐よろしく頼むよ
6 qst105301_msg0001 84 Ah, if it isn't his Majesty and his fellow companions.
7 qst105301_msg0002 84 I'm afraid we have something of a dilemma at the moment...
8 qst105301_msg0003 84 As a nation, the Genbu Crown is of paramount importance to us.
9 qst105301_msg0004 84 Having no interaction with outsiders, there has been little need to police its borders...
10 qst105301_msg0005 84 Until now, that is. The enemy took the recent chaos as an opportunity to infiltrate the place.
11 qst105301_msg0006 84 We plan to station soldiers there so that this may never be allowed to happen again.
12 qst105301_msg0007 84 This is, however, not an ideal time to be sending our troops there.
13 qst105301_msg0008 84 Breeding season is fast approaching for the BQ1053mtCarnivs inhabiting the 圣战遗址.
14 qst105301_msg0009 84 They're getting difficult to handle, even for our soldiers. The rising of the Cloud Sea has agitated them, I expect.
15 qst105301_msg0010 84 We've been at a loss as to how to deal with them. We can hardly sit by and wait for them to calm down...
16 qst105301_msg0011 84 would help us? Oh, that is excellent news!
17 qst105301_msg0012 84 I can rest easy now knowing that his Majesty and cohorts are on the job.
18 qst105301_msg0013 84 Let's see... If you could cull 10 of their number, I think we would be able to dispatch our soldiers without hassle.
19 qst105301_msg0014 84 Do be careful, though.
20 qst105301_msg0101 84 I'd like you to hunt down the BQ1053mtCarnivs that inhabit the 圣战遗址.
21 qst105301_msg0102 84 Just be careful how you go.