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1 qst104709_msg001 62 座礁した船はまかせろ(仮)
2 qst104709_msg002 62 あなた方にお願いしたいことがあるので グーラで合流しましょう(仮)
3 qst104709_msg0001 84 My husband and the others went with a Blade to look for help. They went into the cloudway over there.
4 qst104709_msg0002 84 She doesn't have her Driver with her so I suggested she stay behind, but she didn't listen.
5 qst104709_msg0101 84 My husband's safe! Thank the stars. Phew, I was worried there for a bit.
6 qst104709_msg0102 84 I should prepare so we're ready for when they come back.