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1 qst104708_msg001 62 あなた方のおかげで助かりました これからイヤサキ港に救援要請に行きますが 一緒に来てくれませんか(仮)
2 qst104708_msg0001 84 head...
3 qst104708_msg0002 84 Is everyone all right?
4 qst104708_msg0003 84 Of course. My friends are not to be trifled with.
5 qst104708_msg0004 84 Right then, how shall we proceed?
6 qst104708_msg0051 165 There must be a wise proverb that fits...
7 qst104708_msg0052 165 "Yesterday's foe can be today's friend"
8 qst104708_msg0053 165 "He who does not work, shall not eat"
9 qst104708_msg0101 84 One only has to look at our party to see the truth of that.
10 qst104708_msg0102 84 Rex is from Leftheria. Tora is a Nopon. Zeke here hails from Tantal.
11 qst104708_msg0103 84 And of course... The Lady Mòrag is an Ardainian, and my Driver Nia is Gormotti.
12 qst104708_msg0104 84 They were formerly bitter foes but now are the fastest of friends.
13 qst104708_msg0105 84 This is all very stirring, boyo, but you lot are you lot. We're-
14 qst104708_msg0106 84 Mummy, let's go home. He doesn't want us here.
15 qst104708_msg0107 84 Tucha...
16 qst104708_msg0108 84 Don't be mean to them, Da. They look sad.
17 qst104708_msg0109 84 You came from far away, right? Would you like to try a Meaty Carrot? I growed them myself!
18 qst104708_msg0110 84 Really? Thanks!
19 qst104708_msg0111 84 Lavi, girl...
20 qst104708_msg0112 84 Leave it to children to demonstrate the flexibility that adults lack.
21 qst104708_msg0113 84 Someday, these children will have no home.
22 qst104708_msg0114 84 I'm fair sorry. I didn't think about how terrible it must be to leave your home like that.
23 qst104708_msg0115 84 Me too. I forgot that we've been eating your food for years.
24 qst104708_msg0116 84 Perhaps now we can move forward?
25 qst104708_msg0201 84 That's right! These people didn't come here to leech off the Gormotti people.
26 qst104708_msg0202 84 You must band together and forge a new life in whatever way you can.
27 qst104708_msg0203 84 I cannot hold a sword, nor can I administer first aid to injured comrades.
28 qst104708_msg0204 84 But I am content to lend my lady Nia - my Driver - any strength I can.
29 qst104708_msg0205 84 ...Cat's got a point. So, here's what I'm thinking.
30 qst104708_msg0206 84 It was tricky to get anything to grow in the soil back home...
31 qst104708_msg0207 84 But I worked as a researcher trying to squeeze as much growth out of our wee plants as we possibly could.
32 qst104708_msg0208 84 I'm pretty sure that if we applied my research to the fertile soil you have here, we'd get amazing results.
33 qst104708_msg0209 84 Listen boyo, we don't need your fancy Empire technology. We do just-
34 qst104708_msg0210 84 Hey, I'm growing Meaty Carrots in my own garden!
35 qst104708_msg0211 84 I wanna make them more tasty. Do you know how?
36 qst104708_msg0212 84 Of course, little one!
37 qst104708_msg0213 84 Woo hoo! Hey, Da, can we let them help us?
38 qst104708_msg0214 84 Lavi, girl...
39 qst104708_msg0215 84 Leave it to children to demonstrate the flexibility that adults lack.
40 qst104708_msg0216 84 Hmm... Fair do. We're all on the same page here. Let's get these talks back on track.
41 qst104708_msg0217 84 I'm really sorry if I offended you. These are trying times.
42 qst104708_msg0218 84 Please let us help you however we can to make up for it.
43 qst104708_msg0219 84 I'm feeling good about how things are working out.
44 qst104708_msg0220 84 Perhaps now we can move forward.
45 qst104708_msg0301 84 Thank you, everyone. Especially you, Dromarch.
46 qst104708_msg0302 84 Sophora told me about everything you did. I'm super grateful to you all.
47 qst104708_msg0303 84 I need to work hard until I'm a Driver who doesn't worry their Blade quite as much as I do.
48 qst104708_msg0320 84 Hey, Oswalt... You know, it would be perfectly fine if you wanted to ride on my back on occasion.
49 qst104708_msg0321 84 R-really? I'm pretty heavy, you know.
50 qst104708_msg0322 84 Don't worry about it! I'm a Blade. Strength is one thing I have going for me.
51 qst104708_msg0331 84 Hey, Oswalt... You know, if you ever feel sad, you're welcome to cuddle up to me.
52 qst104708_msg0332 84 Th-thank you, Sophora... I'm sorry I'm such a miserable Driver. I wish I was better at fighting and whatnot.
53 qst104708_msg0333 84 Don't worry about it! You have a good heart, Oswalt, and that's what really matters.
54 qst104708_msg0351 84 Our work is done here. We must depart soon.
55 qst104708_msg0352 84 I am honored to have met you, Sophora.
56 qst104708_msg0353 84 And I you, Dromarch. You have given me confidence I did not feel before.
57 qst104708_msg0354 84 If I had not met you, I would no doubt have gone through life never really liking my own form.
58 qst104708_msg0355 84 You helped me, in turn, to see the benefits of this appearance.
59 qst104708_msg0356 84 Wonderful! Thank you, Dromarch. Truly.