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1 qst104707_msg001 62 大変だ 助けよう(仮)
2 qst104707_msg0001 84 Everyone, please calm down-
3 qst104707_msg0002 84 This is way more people than you led on you were going to be! What are you playin' at?
4 qst104707_msg0003 84 There was a sudden influx of people wanting to board the ship just before it departed...
5 qst104707_msg0004 84 Don't go making out it was our fault!
6 qst104707_msg0005 84 Did you or did you not tell us that Torigoth would be able to handle a few extra people?
7 qst104707_msg0006 84 Well, I mean, I... I just knew that the people from Torigoth were kind, so...
8 qst104707_msg0007 84 You're one of them who went and got themselves scouted, is it?
9 qst104707_msg0008 84 This town not good enough for you, eh? Had to go to the capital and be a good little slave for the bigwigs?
10 qst104707_msg0009 84 You know the trouble Mor Ardain's put us through, but you still go lapping at their boots.
11 qst104707_msg0010 84 The cost of food's going to go right up. We're all going to starve.
12 qst104707_msg0011 84 I don't think-
13 qst104707_msg0012 84 Berating your countryman like that? Just what I'd expect from Gormotti.
14 qst104707_msg0013 84 If you've got something to say to me, boyo, you can say it straight!
15 qst104707_msg0014 84 Daffydd, these arseholes can live on our Titan over my dead body!
16 qst104707_msg0015 84 P-please just calm down...
17 qst104707_msg0016 84 Just whose side are you on anyway?
18 qst104707_msg0017 84 Oh, um, well... Look, just stop fighting, please!
19 qst104707_msg0018 84 And who's fault is it that we're fighting, by you?
20 qst104707_msg0019 84 You've really made a pig's ear of this intermediary business, boy.
21 qst104707_msg0020 84 Forgive my intrusion but Oswalt is not at fault here.
22 qst104707_msg0021 84 An animal Blade? Did you really need to resonate with this piece of rubbish just to pretend you're an Ardainian?
23 qst104707_msg0022 84 How could you-
24 qst104707_msg0023 84 I can't let that slide.
25 qst104707_msg0024 84 Dromarch!
26 qst104707_msg0025 84 An insult to our friends is an insult to us.
27 qst104707_msg0026 84 I had thought that if it looked like people were going to get hurt, I would step in and help.
28 qst104707_msg0027 84 But your words have even my calm blood boiling.
29 qst104707_msg0028 84 Maybe my water powers will help you cool off a little!