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1 qst104706_msg001 62 男達は救助を求めにイヤサキ港に行ったけど 一向に戻ってこないの―― 様子を見に行ってきてもらえないかしら?(仮)
2 qst104706_msg101 62 男達を助けてくれてありがとう(仮)
3 qst104706_msg0001 84 That was a close shave. Thank you for your assistance.
4 qst104706_msg0002 84 Why did you decide to fight alone?
5 qst104706_msg0003 84 Without a Driver, you mean? It was rather reckless of me.
6 qst104706_msg0004 84 Tell me, Dromarch. Do you never wish that your form was something closer to human?
7 qst104706_msg0005 84 What do you mean, ma'am?
8 qst104706_msg0006 84 If you were shaped like a human, you could hold a weapon.
9 qst104706_msg0007 84 You could provide first aid to injured people.
10 qst104706_msg0008 84 Not being able to use tools of any kind... It frustrates me, Dromarch.
11 qst104706_msg0009 84 You have a kind soul, Sophora.
12 qst104706_msg0010 84 I had not considered such things before.
13 qst104706_msg0101 165 How should I follow up?
14 qst104706_msg0102 165 We can let people ride on our backs
15 qst104706_msg0103 165 We can comfort people
16 qst104706_msg0201 84 Well, the advantage of this form is that we can let people ride on our backs.
17 qst104706_msg0202 84 My Driver is awfully big. I wonder if I'd be able to carry him...
18 qst104706_msg0203 84 My Driver Nia always says that galloping along with the wind in her face makes her feel truly alive.
19 qst104706_msg0204 84 Besides, we are much stronger than humans! A heavy load is no burden for us.
20 qst104706_msg0205 84 Oi, who you calling heavy?
21 qst104706_msg0206 84 Ah, no- I did not mean to imply that you were heavy, my lady.
22 qst104706_msg0301 84 You know, one of the advantages of a form like ours is that we can provide great comfort to people.
23 qst104706_msg0302 84 If I was shaped like a human male, and Nia found my appearance distasteful, we couldn't be as close as we are now.
24 qst104706_msg0303 84 That is true...
25 qst104706_msg0304 84 If I were a human woman, Oswalt wouldn't be able to brush my fur as he does now. Women make him nervous.
26 qst104706_msg0401 84 Thank you, Dromarch, for helping me see that this form isn't so bad after all.
27 qst104706_msg0402 84 I'm happy I could be of assistance.
28 qst104706_msg0403 84 Will you return to the ship?
29 qst104706_msg0404 84 You have injured people to tend to.
30 qst104706_msg0405 84 We will pass word of your safety to your Driver in Ysheva Harbor.
31 qst104706_msg0406 84 Um, Dromarch?
32 qst104706_msg0407 84 Thank you. You have been most kind.
33 qst104706_msg0408 84 I will see you later at the Torigoth Relay Base...
34 qst104706_msg0409 84 No, actually, would you be so kind as to meet me directly at the Mor Ardain Consulate?
35 qst104706_msg0410 84 Of course, ma'am.
36 qst104706_msg0411 84 Then farewell for now.