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1 qst104703_msg001 62 今の時期だとスペルビアとグーラの間には リベラリタスがあるから 中継地として休憩を取っているのかも(仮)
2 qst104703_msg0001 84 What's to be done...?
3 qst104703_msg0002 84 You guys! You were talking to Sophora before the boat left, right?
4 qst104703_msg0003 84 You didn't happen to see another Titan ship on your way here by any chance, did you?
5 qst104703_msg0004 84 Oh. Dammit. As soon as I arrived in Leftheria, the weather turned sour.
6 qst104703_msg0005 84 And then, just my luck, we got attacked by Cloud Sea monsters and I lost the others.
7 qst104703_msg0006 84 I want to go look for them, but I lost Sophora along with the ship so I can't really fight.
8 qst104703_msg0007 84 You'll help? Oh man, that would be amazing.
9 qst104703_msg0008 84 I spoke to someone from Fonsett and they said there are no Ardainian ships between here and the Cloud Ridge.
10 qst104703_msg0009 84 I know Sophora can take care of herself, but I'm worried about the other people on board the ship...
11 qst104703_msg0101 84 Some people fight and win even though they're not Drivers.
12 qst104703_msg0102 84 And here I am, can't fight unless I have Sophora...
13 qst104703_msg0201 84 You found them?! Sophora... She's all right? What a relief!
14 qst104703_msg0202 84 The ship got stuck in the Cloud Sea?
15 qst104703_msg0203 84 Could you tell me exactly where?
16 qst104703_msg0204 84 Thank you.
17 qst104703_msg0205 84 If I can rescue them with this ship, we can head on to Gormott.
18 qst104703_msg0206 84 Some harbor people said they'd lend a hand, so we should be in good shape.