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1 qst104702_msg001 62 あれはスペルビアから 避難する人たちを乗せた船だよ ここからグーラに向かうんだってさ(仮)
2 qst104702_msg002 62 護衛もつけてるらしいけど 最近は何かと物騒だから心配だなあ(仮)
3 qst104702_msg003 62 キミ 良かったらグーラに行って 様子を見てきてくれないか?(仮)
4 qst104702_msg0001 84 Still no sign of the ship from Mor Ardain...
5 qst104702_msg0002 84 It was due to arrive ages ago.
6 qst104702_msg0003 84 They have a resupply scheduled in Ysheva Harbor, over Leftheria way. I wonder if they made it that far?
7 qst104702_msg0004 84 Would you mind checking for me? It'd be a weight off my mind!
8 qst104702_msg0005 84 I hope it's just run-of-the-mill delays and nothing more serious...
9 qst104702_msg0101 84 There's been an increase lately in the number of people leaving the capital.
10 qst104702_msg0102 84 Not sure we'd be able to house the entire Empire if they all decided to come here. Hope it all works out...