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1 qst104701_msg001 62 なんの船だろう(仮)
2 qst104701_msg0001 84 Is something wrong, ma'am?
3 qst104701_msg0002 84 I beg your pardon?
4 qst104701_msg0003 84 Ah, forgive me. My name is Dromarch.
5 qst104701_msg0004 84 You looked somewhat troubled, so I couldn't help but inquire.
6 qst104701_msg0005 84 Is that so? Well, I don't know why I'm surprised. We beasts are always more in tune than humans are.
7 qst104701_msg0006 84 My name is Sophora.
8 qst104701_msg0007 84 These ships are bound for Torigoth in Gormott Province.
9 qst104701_msg0008 84 They carry people who see no good future for Mor Ardain and seek to escape the capital.
10 qst104701_msg0009 84 These are uncertain times... So it goes.
11 qst104701_msg0010 84 My Driver, Oswalt, is a Gormotti who has been chosen to act as an intermediary for the refugees.
12 qst104701_msg0011 84 We came to the capital after he was scouted by an imperial recruiter and awoke me from my Core.
13 qst104701_msg0012 84 But Oswalt has a gentle soul, not meant for war. He won't even complain to the shopkeeper when an apple is moldy.
14 qst104701_msg0013 84 I do wonder if he will be able to effectively bring together the Ardainians and Gormotti.
15 qst104701_msg0014 84 If he's as kind as you say, then I'd say there is no problem.
16 qst104701_msg0015 84 My Driver is also from Gormott.
17 qst104701_msg0016 84 We travel with an Ardainian but the two of them get along just fine.
18 qst104701_msg0017 84 That's wonderful! I hope we can do as good a job of fostering cooperation between the two peoples!
19 qst104701_msg0018 84 Everyone, I must confess I am a little worried for her... Well, for the people on the boat as well.
20 qst104701_msg0019 84 Would you mind if we made sure they were all right?
21 qst104701_msg0020 84 You have my thanks.
22 qst104701_msg0021 84 Are you quite sure? How marvelously generous!
23 qst104701_msg0022 84 The boat should be leaving any moment now.
24 qst104701_msg0023 84 We shall be docking at the Torigoth Relay Base in Gormott Province. Can I ask you to meet us there?
25 qst104701_msg0024 84 Sounds good, ma'am. We shall see you there.
26 qst104701_msg0025 84 Until then!