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1 qst101807_msg001 62 LIST_QST101807仮実装
2 qst101807_msg002 62 ジゾーが借金返すも
3 qst101807_msg003 62 インヴィディアにお金を埋めたも
4 qst101807_msg004 62 一緒に行く
5 qst101807_msg0001 84 So, have you got the 500 grand? Or a nice bit of Titan Quartz?
6 qst101807_msg0002 84 Which will you pay with?
7 qst101807_msg0003 84 Pay with cash
8 qst101807_msg0004 84 Pay with Titan Quartz
9 qst101807_msg0005 84 It's OK, dearie... No rush. Just make sure you pay me before you die.
10 qst101807_msg0006 84 Thanks for that, dearie. You're free to go now.
11 qst101807_msg0101 84 Wahehey! Welcome back, Vahsah!
12 qst101807_msg0102 84 Looks like my partying days are over for now... But at least we can leave town.
13 qst101807_msg0103 84 Thanks to friends for help.
14 qst101807_msg0104 84 Budada must ask one last little favor, though.
15 qst101807_msg0105 84 Please be with Budada and Vahsah when meet Possah back in Garfont.
16 qst101807_msg0106 84 If Possah still not recognize Budada, Budada probably consumed with so much despair...
17 qst101807_msg0107 84 Vahsah maybe end up as Core Crystal again after all!
18 qst101807_msg0108 84 Hahah. Budada's head over heels in love with Possah, you know.
19 qst101807_msg0109 84 If she doesn't even recognize him... yeah, he might just drop dead.
20 qst101807_msg0110 84 L-l-l-l-l-love?! Budada not know about anything like that!
21 qst101807_msg0111 84 Anyway, if Budada drop dead... Will friends take Vahsah?
22 qst101807_msg0112 84 Thank you much! Budada know can count on friends.
23 qst101807_msg0113 84 Don't I get a say in all this...? Well, I guess I wouldn't remember anyway.
24 qst101807_msg0114 84 Now, time to go to village and see Possah!