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1 qst101806_msg001 62 LIST_QST101806仮実装
2 qst101806_msg002 62 借金いっぱいしちゃった
3 qst101806_msg003 62 すぐ死ぬかなって思って
4 qst101806_msg004 62 そんなばかなも
5 qst101806_msg005 62 逃げたジゾーを追いかけたい 一緒に連れてって
6 qst101806_msg0001 84 Hey, Gamoosah! My Driver made it!
7 qst101806_msg0002 84 Is that right?
8 qst101806_msg0003 84 Sorry for trouble 'cos by my Blade Vahsah.
9 qst101806_msg0004 84 He will give back money you lend to him now.
10 qst101806_msg0005 84 Oh! Came back with the money, didya? Well, that's just splendid.
11 qst101806_msg0006 84 Indeedy!
12 qst101806_msg0007 84 Here 5,000G. This cover silly Vahsah's wild spending, yes?
13 qst101806_msg0008 84 5,000G? Oh, I'm sorry, dearie. That's a bit less than he owes.
14 qst101806_msg0009 84 Huh? Not enough? How much money Vahsah borrow?
15 qst101806_msg0010 84 Ah, yeah... I guess I didn't mention that part, did I?
16 qst101806_msg0011 84 Just add a couple zeroes, and we'll be sorted. 500,000G to be precise.
17 qst101806_msg0012 84 Five wha-?!!! But that like...hundred times hundred times hundred times... Budada cannot even count!
18 qst101806_msg0013 84 You'll need to pay the whole lot off in cash, dearie.
19 qst101806_msg0014 84 Or, if you've got a decent lump of that Titan Quartz lying around, I'd accept that as well! Hahah!
20 qst101806_msg0015 84 Titan Quartz? What's that?
21 qst101806_msg0016 84 Is very very precious jewel... Sometimes found by salvage in Argentum, but only one time in million...
22 qst101806_msg0017 84 Budada not get hands on Titan Quartz, except in dream.
23 qst101806_msg0018 84 Well, if this Blade can't pay me back, there is one other thing I'd accept. His Core Crystal!
24 qst101806_msg0019 84 You'll get a pretty penny for a Core Crystal in somewhere like Mor Ardain.
25 qst101806_msg0020 84 But that not possible to give!
26 qst101806_msg0021 84 Vahsah only go back to Core Crystal when Budada dying!
27 qst101806_msg0022 84 You only take Core Crystal over Budada's dead body! Literally!
28 qst101806_msg0023 84 Don't turn your back on reality, Budada my pal. We're upstanding people. We oughtta pay our debts.
29 qst101806_msg0024 84 And I guess in this case that means...uh, dying. Not a great outcome, I'll admit.
30 qst101806_msg0025 84 Well, well, well! These are some generous friends you've found yourselves here!
31 qst101806_msg0026 84 I don't care who pays me, just as long as someone does.
32 qst101806_msg0027 84 But remember, it's 500 grand, or a lump of Titan Quartz! I won't accept anything less!
33 qst101806_msg0028 84 Thank you so much... Sorry for big mess...