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1 qst101804_msg001 62 LIST_QST101804仮実装
2 qst101804_msg002 62 ジゾーのことなんて忘れたいも
3 qst101804_msg0001 84 Vahsah! Budada find you at last!
4 qst101804_msg0002 84 Huh? Who are you?
5 qst101804_msg0003 84 Budada! Lost a bit of weight...
6 qst101804_msg0004 84 Nahhhh, you can't fool me!
7 qst101804_msg0005 84 Budada got defeated at Badfella's Cave Fort. I saw him stop moving and everything...
8 qst101804_msg0006 84 Are you trying to taunt a poor guy grieving over his dead Driver...?
9 qst101804_msg0007 84 Huh? And who might you be...?
10 qst101804_msg0008 84 You brought Budada here? Really?
11 qst101804_msg0009 84 ...Well, I'll be damned. I can feel Budada's resonance! It really is you!
12 qst101804_msg0010 84 That just like silly old Vahsah... Forget all about Budada.
13 qst101804_msg0011 84 Of course Budada not dead! Otherwise Vahsah back to Core Crystal already!
14 qst101804_msg0012 84 Oh, right. Good point. Wait, but, crap.
15 qst101804_msg0013 84 I've been spending a TON of money here. Trying to enjoy my last moments, y'know. But if you're still alive...
16 qst101804_msg0014 84 Silly Vahsah should know better! Even if Vahsah lose memories, somebody would remember debts!
17 qst101804_msg0015 84 Hahaha... You're probably right!
18 qst101804_msg0016 84 Yeah, um, I might be in a spot of trouble.
19 qst101804_msg0017 84 See that old lady?
20 qst101804_msg0018 84 I kinda promised her I wouldn't leave town till I paid back everything I owe.
21 qst101804_msg0019 84 Why Vahsah make promise like that?!
22 qst101804_msg0020 84 Well, I thought you were done for, and I'd be disappearing soon, so...I figured it didn't matter what I did any more!
23 qst101804_msg0021 84 OK. No need to worry. Everything be OK.
24 qst101804_msg0022 84 Budada keep little bit of coin tucked away to cover silly mistakes by Vahsah.
25 qst101804_msg0023 84 Funds hidden safely in treasure box near Funnystone Highway.
26 qst101804_msg0024 84 Da-yum. I knew I could count on my Driver!
27 qst101804_msg0025 84 Meh-heh-heh!
28 qst101804_msg0026 84 Driver and Blade must support each other. That golden rule of relationship.
29 qst101804_msg0027 84 Some folks say we're a bit of a strange pair, though...
30 qst101804_msg0028 84 Please, friends... Will you help Budada get to little money hoard?
31 qst101804_msg0029 84 Thanks for helping Budada. I really appreciate it.
32 qst101804_msg0030 84 Vahsah, wait here quietly. Not spend money or make fuss!
33 qst101804_msg0031 84 Yessir! You can count on me!