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1 qst101802_msg001 62 LIST_QST101802の仮実装
2 qst101802_msg002 62 助かったも~! 物資調達中に襲われて固まってしまったも
3 qst101802_msg003 62 ――にしてもあれから何日も経っているし 彼女が心配で倒れちゃってるかもしれないも
4 qst101802_msg004 62 傭兵団村にいるはずだから ジゾーを彼女のところに連れてっても
5 qst101802_msg0001 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Meh-meh!
6 qst101802_msg0002 84 Lots of food! Yummy-yummy!
7 qst101802_msg0003 84 Ahhhh! Tum-tum full to brim!
8 qst101802_msg0004 84 Should probably explain self now.
9 qst101802_msg0005 84 My name Budada, Nopon Driver! It all thanks to you this little Nopon was saved!
10 qst101802_msg0006 84 Wandered into nasty place, full with nasty monsters.
11 qst101802_msg0007 84 Was very scared, so stayed very still. Dust piled all over fur. So looked like statue.
12 qst101802_msg0008 84 Tum-tum got so very empty, could not move muscle! So Budada was stuck here for while.
13 qst101802_msg0009 84 Thank you, friends! You save Budada and Budada's Blade!
14 qst101802_msg0010 84 Huh? Where is...Vahsah? Vahsah! Where Vahsah go?
15 qst101802_msg0011 84 Budada's Blade Vahsah not here... Seem very strange.
16 qst101802_msg0012 84 Maybe Vahsah gone to Garfont. Yes, probably gone to find Budada's friends and get help.
17 qst101802_msg0013 84 Could new friends take Budada to mercenary village, perhaps?
18 qst101802_msg0014 84 Travel quite dangerous for little Nopon with no Blade.
19 qst101802_msg0015 84 Thank you muchly.
20 qst101802_msg0016 84 Haven't seen friend Possah in long, long time.
21 qst101802_msg0017 84 Budada got a bit thinner while hungry here, so Possah probably be surprised!