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1 qst100202_msg0001 84 Ah ya ya... Please calm down, friends. Wait just few minutes more...
2 qst100202_msg0002 84 Ah, little late!
3 qst100202_msg0003 84 If you don't back down I'll show you the strength of Mor Ardain!
4 qst100202_msg0004 84 You lot won't be so strong when your Titan drags you all down into the Cloud Sea!
5 qst100202_msg0005 84 Oh go bang some rocks together you primitive bumpkin!
6 qst100202_msg0006 84 Ah ya ya... They won't stop... Help me, Drivers!
7 qst100202_msg0007 165 What should we do?
8 qst100202_msg0008 84 Try to calm them down
9 qst100202_msg0009 84 Try to rile them up more
10 qst100202_msg0101 84 You expect me to back down after he insults my homeland like that?
11 qst100202_msg0102 84 Looks like I'm gonna have to give you a practical lesson in military superiority!
12 qst100202_msg0103 84 Just you try it, mate!
13 qst100202_msg0104 84 You both as bad as each other! Please, Drivers must intervene!
14 qst100202_msg0201 84 What was that, mate? You after stealing this Delta Vessel that I won fair and square?
15 qst100202_msg0202 84 I'm not going to let you talk to me like this!
16 qst100202_msg0203 84 Agh, enough talk! I'll gut you, you thieving Ardainian, and you lot with him!
17 qst100202_msg0204 84 Good luck, friends! Please do not die, thank you!