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1 qst100201_msg0001 84 You what? We already won the auction for this, mate!
2 qst100201_msg0002 84 Is there some kinda misunderstanding here? The successful bid was ours.
3 qst100201_msg0003 84 Ah ya ya...
4 qst100201_msg0004 84 The price is settled, Hiyaya; the goods are ours. Load them up and ship them to Mor Ardain.
5 qst100201_msg0005 84 Hold your horses, you Ardainian drongo! You tryin' to pillage me like you did to poor Gormott?
6 qst100201_msg0006 84 Meh meh meh...
7 qst100201_msg0007 84 What slander is this? Gormott Province was subject to a peaceful and mutually beneficial transfer of power.
8 qst100201_msg0008 84 ...What am I saying? You Urayan gobshites aren't capable of understanding these things.
9 qst100201_msg0009 84 Oh you're askin' to go home on a bloody stretcher, mate!
10 qst100201_msg0010 84 Meh meh meh! Bashyfight is not allowed!
11 qst100201_msg0011 84 This Argentum! Leave quarrels at home!
12 qst100201_msg0012 84 Well how d'you propose we solve this little problem then, Hiyaya mate?
13 qst100201_msg0013 84 The auction was run by the Argentum Trade Guild. Maybe it's their problem.
14 qst100201_msg0014 84 Ah ya ya... means...
15 qst100201_msg0015 84 Ahh! Drivers! Helpppp! Help me! Bashyfight! Hiyaya in danger!
16 qst100201_msg0016 84 These men bid same amount for special showcase Delta Vessel.
17 qst100201_msg0017 84 But only one in stock... They start to fight!
18 qst100201_msg0018 84 Hang on a second there mate. If there was only one in stock, why did you accept two bids?
19 qst100201_msg0019 84 Ah...ha... That was Hiyaya's oversight...
20 qst100201_msg0020 84 Well we've been fair messed around thanks to your little "oversight". I'd like to know how you intend to fix it.
21 qst100201_msg0021 84 Ah ya ya... If only stock had one more Delta Vessel...
22 qst100201_msg0022 84 Meh meh! Can friends fetch Delta Vessel?
23 qst100201_msg0023 84 Hiyaya will be eternally grateful...
24 qst100201_msg0024 84 Friends can definitely find Delta Vessel by salvaging depths of Cloud Sea.
25 qst100201_msg0025 84 Need to dive deeply! Here is Hiyaya's favorite Special Cylinder (Prov.).
26 qst100201_msg0026 84 Please hurry before Hiyaya become smash to bits by angry customer friends.
27 qst100201_msg0101 84 Please bring Delta Vessel as fast as possible!
28 qst100201_msg0102 84 Fate of Hiyaya is in your hands!