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1 qst002101_msg001 84 依頼
2 qst002101_msg002 84 早く持ってきてほしいも
3 qst002101_msg003 84 どうもありがとう
4 qst002101_msg0001 84 Ayup, Rex. You're a Driver now, are ya, lad?
5 qst002101_msg0002 84 Yeah. I'm still keeping up with the salvaging though.
6 qst002101_msg0003 84 Good job, because there was something I wanted to ask you about...
7 qst002101_msg0004 84 Ah, it's nowt major. I just thought I'd see if a Driver could help.
8 qst002101_msg0005 84 Have you got a minute to hear me out?
9 qst002101_msg0006 84 This watering hole's not been giving out much water lately.
10 qst002101_msg0007 84 So we're a bit short of water. I can't have my bath, or get my taters washed.
11 qst002101_msg0008 84 It's not the only water supply we've got, but I'm worried the other sources might go the same way...
12 qst002101_msg0009 84 エネミー名(仮)が原因なんだよ
13 qst002101_msg0010 84 I dunno if it's their mating season or something, but they've built a load of nests on the underside of the Titan.
14 qst002101_msg0011 84 It happened before, two years ago. It's almost as bad as it was before. We've let it build up, unfortunately.
15 qst002101_msg0012 84 We had to call in a Driver just to come and sort it out last time. Cost a fortune!
16 qst002101_msg0013 84 I heard you were round Corinne's house, so I thought I'd ask you and see if you could take care of it.
17 qst002101_msg0014 84 Cheers for that.
18 qst002101_msg0015 84 これからエネミー(仮)用の シリンダを渡すよ
19 qst002101_msg0016 84 You should use one of them. You can salvage some from Messet Point.
20 qst002101_msg0017 84 そうすれば 巨神獣に巣くってるエネミー(仮)が 引っかかるはずだ
21 qst002101_msg0018 84 There might be two or three of them.
22 qst002101_msg0019 84 Not a right lot, but mind you don't get hurt.
23 qst002101_msg0101 84 弥赛特岬から エネミー(仮)用シリンダーを使って サルベージしてくれ
24 qst002101_msg0201 84 Thanks for that, lad! We've got water coming out again now.
25 qst002101_msg0202 84 I can have me bath now, and get me spuds polished.
26 qst002101_msg0203 84 Aye, it's pretty handy having a local lad become a Driver.
27 qst002101_msg0204 84 You can take care of stuff that's difficult for us lot in no time at all.
28 qst002101_msg0205 84 And you're still keeping your hand in with the salvaging too.
29 qst002101_msg0206 84 I'm impressed, lad!
30 qst002101_msg0207 84 Well, here's the fee. I got everyone to chip in for it.
31 qst002101_msg0208 84 You've earned it, lad!