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1 qst001603_msg0001 84 Thanks a million. I may have gone a little overboard with the requests...
2 qst001603_msg0002 84 Well, I'd better get to work on the new menu.
3 qst001603_msg0003 84 You get first bite again. So stick around!
4 qst001603_msg0004 84 これが新作料理名(仮)だ!
5 qst001603_msg0005 84 Get a load of that!
6 qst001603_msg0006 84 Yup. None too shabby, is it?
7 qst001603_msg0007 84 The new menu's complete now. Thanks to your help!
8 qst001603_msg0008 84 I'd better give you your reward.
9 qst001603_msg0009 84 Ah, money's not really enough for all that you've done for me! So, I've thought up a new recipe, just for you.
10 qst001603_msg0010 84 I call them Addam's Supercakes!
11 qst001603_msg0011 84 Price notwithstanding, I'd say it's the tastiest morsel you'll get in the whole of Mor Ardain!
12 qst001603_msg0012 84 Maybe if there's a budding chef amongst you, you can have them whip it up!
13 qst001603_msg0013 84 Honestly, the taste is to die for.
14 qst001603_msg0014 84 No, no! All the thanks should be going in your direction! Well, see you around!