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1 qst001701_msg001 84 早く持ってきて
2 qst001701_msg002 84 どうもありがとう
3 qst001602_msg0001 84 Oh, you got your hands on them, did you? Took your time too...
4 qst001602_msg0002 84 Well, I'd better get to it and whip up this new menu!
5 qst001602_msg0003 84 I hope you'll stick around till it's done. I need a guinea pig!
6 qst001602_msg0004 84 これが新作料理名(仮)だ!
7 qst001602_msg0005 84 OK! Have a gobful of that!
8 qst001602_msg0006 84 Yeah... That's working taste buds you didn't even know you had, right? 5,000G a serving, and it's worth it!
9 qst001602_msg0007 84 You can't hunt an ENEMY1 and ENEMY2 and expect to sell for anything less.
10 qst001602_msg0008 84 Thing one round here's got that sort of money.
11 qst001602_msg0009 84 Huh? You think there's a few high-rollers living round here?
12 qst001602_msg0010 84 Most of the folks that live round these parts work at the hot springs or around the Great Heat Extraction Duct.
13 qst001602_msg0011 84 Nah, none of those lot can afford 5,000G just for a wee bit of scran. I need to offer something a bit cheaper.
14 qst001602_msg0012 84 Tch, I've messed up again. How could I not think of that...
15 qst001602_msg0013 84 Ah, it's a bit cheeky...but could you take care of another request for me?
16 qst001602_msg0014 84 Do you reckon you could track down some Puri Leaf Cabbage and some Crunchy Passion Fruit?
17 qst001602_msg0015 84 It won't be anywhere near as classy, but I'll still be able to stir up a solid bit of grub.
18 qst001602_msg0016 84 For the Puri Leaf Cabbage, you'll want some that's produced in Argentum.
19 qst001602_msg0017 84 You can get some decent Crunchy Passion Fruits in Mor Ardain though.
20 qst001602_msg0101 84 With those two things, my menu should be ready to go!