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1 qst001601_msg001 84 受注トーク(仮)
2 qst001601_msg002 84 早く持ってきてくれ
3 qst001601_msg003 84 どうもありがとう
4 qst001601_msg004 84 次はカリカリソウ3つとクロザクロ3つを 持ってきてくれ(仮)
5 qst001601_msg0001 84 Ah, what a bind...
6 qst001601_msg0002 84 It's a great idea, but I don't know if there's anyone out there who can make it happen...
7 qst001601_msg0003 84 Know anything about Dolphin Carrot Sliders?
8 qst001601_msg0004 84 They're selling them over at Griogair's Greens... But it was my idea!
9 qst001601_msg0005 84 Cheers!
10 qst001601_msg0006 84 Thing is, I've got a few ideas for a new menu. But I can't make a test batch until I get the ingredients.
11 qst001601_msg0007 84 As you can see, Mor Ardain's not the most fertile of lands. Often the ingredients simply aren't available.
12 qst001601_msg0008 84 Well, I guess you are Drivers. And travelling all over Alrest, no less. Maybe you would be able to help!
13 qst001601_msg0009 84 I'd really owe you one if you get it sorted.
14 qst001601_msg0010 84 俺が試したいのは 新作料理名(仮)ってんだ
15 qst001601_msg0011 84 エネミー名1(仮)から 海トカゲの爪(仮)を[ML:Dash ]
16 qst001601_msg0012 84 そしてエネミー名2(仮)から 中型ヘビの尾(仮)を手に入れてくれれば 試すことができる
17 qst001601_msg0013 84 Think you could get those for me?
18 qst001601_msg0014 84 Thanks a bunch. Well, I'll let you get to it.