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1 qst001302_msg0001 84 Ooh... That smell...
2 qst001302_msg0002 84 That could only be Eurion's cooking!
3 qst001302_msg0003 84 Ah, thanks for delivering that... Salted Brog Sauté is kind of my life-blood.
4 qst001302_msg0004 84 I heard they had some problems with the supply of Gromrice. But it looks like it's all sorted out now!
5 qst001302_msg0005 84 Huh? Just warning you, I'm not gonna share this. It's one of the only things makes my life worth living here.
6 qst001302_msg0006 84 Why don't you run off back to Eurion and convey my thanks.
7 qst001302_msg0101 84 Don't bother me when I'm getting ready to enjoy a delicious Salted Brog Sauté!
8 qst001302_msg0102 84 Just give my thanks to Eurion, OK?