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1 qst001301_msg0001 84 *sigh* What am I gonna do about this...?
2 qst001301_msg0002 84 Oh, hello there. That's about as big of a welcome as I can muster right now.
3 qst001301_msg0003 84 I'm in a bit of tight spot. At this rate, my whole trade might be done for!
4 qst001301_msg0005 84 But I dunno how interested you are in my problems.
5 qst001301_msg0006 84 Huh? No, really, it'd bore you to death. Wait, hang on...are you lot Drivers?
6 qst001301_msg0007 84 Oh, this is a turn-up for the books!
7 qst001301_msg0008 84 They've been having a bit of problem with monsters in Gwenith Paddies lately. They can't harvest the Gromrice.
8 qst001301_msg0009 84 詳しくは知らねぇが ヴィルトシュヴァイン傭兵団とやらが そのモンスター(仮)の天敵を倒しすぎたとか[ML:Dash ]
9 qst001301_msg0010 84 But anyhow, that means I can't make half the items on my menu, 'cos I've got no Gromrice.
10 qst001301_msg0011 84 So my business is in a bit of a slump. I can't really open up till it gets sorted out.
11 qst001301_msg0012 84 It's not just a problem for me. I can't pay my staff. I dunno what they're going to do.
12 qst001301_msg0013 84 Well, that's my problem. You lot look pretty tough, so I thought it was worth a punt to tell you about it.
13 qst001301_msg0014 84 Do you reckon you could get it sorted for us?
14 qst001301_msg0015 84 塞斯罗亚水田の モンスター共(仮)を倒してほしいんだ
15 qst001301_msg0016 84 I'll make it worth your while, of course.
16 qst001301_msg0017 84 So, what do you say?
17 qst001301_msg0018 84 Oh, thank you so much! I really owe you! Or, I mean, I will, once you've taken care of it.
18 qst001301_msg0019 84 All right, well, I'll let you go and sort it out.
19 qst001301_msg0101 84 Hey there again. Did you forget where to go?
20 qst001301_msg0102 84 俺の依頼は 塞斯罗亚水田で繁殖した エネミー(仮)の討伐だ
21 qst001301_msg0103 84 Thanks for taking it on!
22 qst001301_msg0201 84 What's up? Did you forget something?
23 qst001301_msg0202 84 それとも もうモンスター共(仮)を 倒してきたのか?
24 qst001301_msg0203 84 Haha! Taking care of that many monsters in such a short time? The very thought of it!
25 qst001301_msg0204 84 Huh? Done already? No. I don't believe it. Seriously?
26 qst001301_msg0205 84 Are you sure you aren't fibbing? I'll find out if you are, y'know! But wait... If you ARE serious...
27 qst001301_msg0207 84 Well, I told you I shut up shop for the moment, yeah?
28 qst001301_msg0208 84 So, as the guy in charge, I gotta make sure we don't lose too much cash here. And wages cost a bunch.
29 qst001301_msg0209 84 So I kind of...don't have any staff left!
30 qst001301_msg0210 84 I guess I got a bit carried away letting people go. But I mean, I didn't expect the problem to clear up so quick!
31 qst001301_msg0211 84 Been in our family for generations, this place has. I have to make tough decisions to keep it afloat sometimes.
32 qst001301_msg0212 84 Seems like my decision backfired a bit this time, though.
33 qst001301_msg0213 84 But it's far too soon to give up!
34 qst001301_msg0214 84 Could you help me out here while I try and round some staff back up?
35 qst001301_msg0215 84 Hey, you've helped me this far. What's a little more, right? I'll double your reward and everything!
36 qst001301_msg0216 84 You'll help? Thanks a million!
37 qst001301_msg0217 84 OK, sorry to be throwin' orders at you already, but there's this tricky request just came in from one of my regulars.
38 qst001301_msg0218 84 I need someone to fetch the ingredients. Giant Frog Meat and Fusty Fungus, to be precise.
39 qst001301_msg0219 84 Fusty Fungus isn't too difficult. I just order it in from Garfont usually.
40 qst001301_msg0220 84 Giant Frog Meat, though...that's a bit more tricky.
41 qst001301_msg0221 84 ○○○にいる×××を倒せば 手に入るだろう
42 qst001301_msg0222 84 It's a bit of big ask, but I'm sure you lot'll be able to sort it out, no problem.
43 qst001301_msg0223 84 Oh? You'll do it? That's a really big help to me!
44 qst001301_msg0224 84 OK, I'll leave it up to you lot then. Good luck!
45 qst001302_msg0301 84 It's not easy, getting staff to come back after you've let them go...
46 qst001302_msg0302 84 How you doing with that Giant Frog Meat and Fusty Fungus?
47 qst001302_msg0303 84 Fusty Fungus is pretty easy to order from Garfont.
48 qst001302_msg0304 84 Giant Frog Meatは ○○○にいる×××を倒せば 手に入るだろ
49 qst001302_msg0305 84 Good luck with it!
50 qst001301_msg0401 84 Aha! Just who I was hoping to see!
51 qst001301_msg0402 84 Right, I'll get this dish whipped up in a jiffy. Could you deliver it when it's done?
52 qst001301_msg0403 84 There you go! One Salted Brog Sauté!
53 qst001301_msg0404 84 Ever had it before? The eyes are the tastiest bit, y'know.
54 qst001301_msg0405 84 What's up? Hungry for something?
55 qst001301_msg0406 84 Course you are! Must be tough making deliveries now all this lovely food's got your taste buds tickled, eh?
56 qst001301_msg0407 84 I'll whip you up an extra bit if you like, since you've already been so helpful.
57 qst001301_msg0408 84 Hey, what's up? Your appetite left you speechless? Don't you want to try this delicious grub?
58 qst001301_msg0409 84 Looks pretty tasty, doesn't it?
59 qst001301_msg0410 84 The smell's irresistible, isn't it? Melt in your mouth, that will. I bet you're dying for a bite, right?
60 qst001301_msg0411 84 How will you respond?
61 qst001301_msg0412 84 Say you'd like to try it sometime
62 qst001301_msg0413 84 Say you never want to eat it
63 qst001301_msg0414 84 Ah! I knew it! Well, I wouldn't dream of not giving you a taste of this gourmet cuisine.
64 qst001301_msg0415 84 Hehehe... I'll stew yours in the oily juices a little longer to make sure it's packed full of froggy flavor!
65 qst001301_msg0416 84 Uh... All right, then?
66 qst001301_msg0417 84 That's mighty odd... Who wouldn't love my famous Salted Brog Sauté?
67 qst001301_msg0418 84 I was going to give you a year's supply as your payment, actually. Maybe I'd best come up with a different reward.
68 qst001301_msg0419 84 Anyway, let's focus on the task at hand.
69 qst001301_msg0420 84 Can you deliver this to Svandin for me?
70 qst001301_msg0421 84 You'll find him at the Urayan barracks near Fonsa Myma Port.
71 qst001301_msg0422 84 Thanks again!
72 qst001301_msg0501 84 Huh? Not too sure where you're supposed to go, are you?
73 qst001301_msg0502 84 You'll find Svandin at the Urayan barracks near Fonsa Myma Port.
74 qst001301_msg0503 84 Thanks a lot for taking care of that for me.
75 qst001301_msg0601 84 Good to see you again! Looks like you managed to take care of that delivery. That's a real big help!
76 qst001301_msg0602 84 Thanks to you lot, I'm going to be able to get my business back on its feet!
77 qst001301_msg0603 84 Now as for your compensation...
78 qst001301_msg0604 84 I'd like to give you one of our super-secret recipes.
79 qst001301_msg0605 84 Salted Brog Sauté! What did you think it was going to be?
80 qst001301_msg0606 84 I was in deep trouble there, and you helped me out. So I wanted to give you something really special.
81 qst001301_msg0607 84 It's my great grandpa's recipe, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind me giving it to you, considering the circumstances.
82 qst001301_msg0608 84 Hey, you're looking a bit green round the gills. Are you feeling OK?
83 qst001301_msg0609 84 Haven't been working yourself sick, have you?
84 qst001301_msg0610 84 Nothing a nice big bowl of Salted Brog Sauté won't fix!