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1 qst001103_msg001 84 Brought the stuff, did you? I'll get the finishing touches done lickety-split!
2 qst001103_msg002 84 Hmmm...
3 qst001103_msg003 84 Now, let me think. What was it I was going to make again...?
4 qst001103_msg004 84 Yeah, hmm... I feel like I sort of remember... But then again, I sort of don't...
5 qst001103_msg005 84 You remember, don't you?
6 qst001103_msg006 165 What was Chulev trying to make?
7 qst001103_msg007 84 体力があがるアクセサリーの名称を入れる(仮)
8 qst001103_msg008 84 素早くなるアクセサリーの名称を入れる(仮)
9 qst001103_msg009 84 Ah! Of course. Yes, I remember perfectly now.
10 qst001103_msg010 84 OK! I'm good to go! Leave it to me!
11 qst001103_msg011 84 Hmmm... Was that really it...?
12 qst001103_msg012 84 Now that you say it, it does sort of ring a bell...?
13 qst001103_msg013 84 Ah, whatever. You just leave it to me.
14 qst001103_msg014 84 Done and dusted! That's my masterpiece, that is!
15 qst001103_msg015 84 It was all thanks to you lot that I managed to get this made!
16 qst001103_msg016 84 Well, you should have this, as a token of thanks.
17 qst001103_msg017 84 Nah, no need to thank me. I haven't had this much fun putting something together since...well, I can't remember...
18 qst001103_msg018 84 Hey, when we first met, didn't you say that you'd make any accessory we asked for?
19 qst001103_msg019 84 By the way...when we first met, didn't you say you'd make any accessory we named, hmm?
20 qst001103_msg020 84 Oh, yes! When we first meet, did friend not offer to making whatever accessories we like?
21 qst001103_msg021 84 By the by, didn't you offer to make us more accessories when we first met? I seem to remember you saying that.
22 qst001103_msg022 84 Hey, by the way, you said before you'd be able to knock up any wacky accessory we dreamed up, didn't you?
23 qst001103_msg023 84 Erm... Did I? I dunno. Maybe I did. I can't remember.
24 qst001103_msg024 84 But, one thing's for sure! I'm going to keep making whatever takes my fancy!