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1 qst001102_msg001 84 Hmm, and who might you be?
2 qst001102_msg002 84 Whazzat? You brought some materials? I asked you for them, did I?
3 qst001102_msg003 84 Well, I'll be. I quite appreciate it. When you get to my age, the past stops seeming so important, you understand.
4 qst001102_msg004 84 Anyhow, let's see what we have here. A Pione Stone and some Gorilla Hair Bristle... Interesting.
5 qst001102_msg005 84 Can't remember exactly what I had in mind now... But I'm sure it was good. I'll just knock something up with this.
6 qst001102_msg006 84 Hmmm...
7 qst001102_msg007 84 Ooh, I've got it! Yeah! This is going to be even better than the thing I was thinking of before! ...Whatever it was...
8 qst001102_msg008 84 Yep, if I just put these together with a couple other materials, we'll have ourselves a real winner on our hands!
9 qst001102_msg009 84 ○○○○する アクセサリーじゃ!
10 qst001102_msg010 84 名付けて○○○○ お主も見たいじゃろ?
11 qst001102_msg011 84 海トカゲの鱗(仮)と 海鳥の羽根(仮)を 追加で取ってきてくれぬか
12 qst001102_msg012 84 海トカゲの鱗(仮)は××で △△を倒せば 採れるはずじゃ
13 qst001102_msg013 84 海鳥の羽根(仮)は××で ■■を倒せばいいだろう
14 qst001102_msg014 84 Yeah, you're pretty excited, huh? Well, I'll look forward to getting the stuff!