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1 qst001101_msg001 84 Hmmm... If I tweak this bit like that...
2 qst001101_msg002 84 ...then this bit'll go like this...
3 qst001101_msg003 84 Yeah! That's the one! I'm a genius!
4 qst001101_msg004 84 Huh? Who are you lot?
5 qst001101_msg005 84 Oh, is that right. Figures why I wouldn't recognize you, then.
6 qst001101_msg006 84 They call me Chulev.
7 qst001101_msg007 84 I'm really into smithing. I leave all that buying, selling, wheeling and dealing to the youngsters.
8 qst001101_msg015 84 If there's something you want me to knock up for you, just let me know. Always looking for new ideas.
9 qst001101_msg016 84 Oh, but what am I doing?!
10 qst001101_msg017 84 I almost clean forgot about the brilliant idea I just had!
11 qst001101_msg018 84 Well, the thing is... I just came up with an idea for a new accessory.
12 qst001101_msg019 84 When it's complete, it'll be the first of its kind!
13 qst001101_msg020 84 But I'm, uh, a bit short on some of the things I need for it.
14 qst001101_msg021 84 Maybe you could go gather 'em up for me? 'Course, I'll let you have one, after I've made it.
15 qst001101_msg022 84 I'm not in this for the profit anyhow. I just really love making things. So, how's about it?
16 qst001101_msg023 84 Oh! You'll help me out, will ya? Thanks! Good to see there's still a few enterprising youngsters out there!
17 qst001101_msg024 84 So what I need is a Pione Stone and some Gorilla Hair Bristle.
18 qst001101_msg025 84 Pione Stone's easy enough to find. Uraya's a pretty rocky place.
19 qst001101_msg026 84 Gorilla Hair Bristleは××で ●●を倒せば採れるかもしれんの
20 qst001101_msg027 84 Thanks for dealing with that.
21 qst001101_msg101 84 You'll find Pione Stones in rocky areas of Uraya.
22 qst001101_msg102 84 Gorilla Hair Bristleは××で ●●を倒せば採れるかもしれんの
23 qst001101_msg103 84 I'll wait here for as long as it takes you. Well, or till I die. Nobody lives forever!
24 qst001101_msg201 84 海トカゲの鱗(仮)は××で △△を倒せば 採れるはずじゃ
25 qst001101_msg202 84 海鳥の羽根(仮)は××で ■■を倒せばいいだろう
26 qst001101_msg203 84 Bring me that stuff and I'll kit you out with a one-of-a-kind accessory!