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1 tlk9301301_01_msg0001 84 I want to be able to chat with all kinds of new people!
2 tlk9301301_01_msg0002 84 So if you're going somewhere, I'd love it if you'd take me along.
3 tlk9301301_01_msg0003 84 Oh, but I guess then I'd have less chance to talk with the people here...
4 tlk9301301_01_msg0004 84 Hmmm...that would be kind of a shame too, in its own way!
5 tlk9301301_01_msg0005 84 Whatever should I do? You got any bright ideas, Driver?
6 tlk9301301_01_msg0006 84 Oh, come to think of it, I haven't had much chance to chat with you lately either, have I?
7 tlk9301301_01_msg0007 84 While we're here, let's chat right now!
8 tlk9301301_01_msg0008 84 Or, uh...are you busy with other stuff right now? No time for chatting?
9 tlk9301301_01_msg0009 84 Awww... Well, we should totally chat some other time! That's a promise, OK?!