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1 tlk79000001_01_msg0001 62 I honestly can't stand those sorts of environments... Would you mind going in my place, Jin?
2 tlk79000001_01_msg0002 62 If you'd asked me to go practically anywhere else, I'd be fine. But that ship? No way.
3 tlk79000001_01_msg0003 62 Take Lora and Haze along?
4 tlk79000001_01_msg0004 62 Yes
5 tlk79000001_01_msg0005 62 Not yet
6 tlk79000001_01_msg0101 62 All right, then I suppose we'll get on the move.
7 tlk79000001_01_msg0201 62 OK, then.
8 tlk79000001_01_msg0202 62 I'll wait around here a bit longer.