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1 tlk70000153_10_msg0001 62 By my feathers, who knew there were warriors strong enough to defeat the unspeakably strong Golden Monsters?!
2 tlk70000153_10_msg0002 62 I knew you weren't just some ordinary schmoes from the moment you broke my seal, but this is something else...
3 tlk70000153_10_msg0003 62 Well, I might not have been able to spend all eternity with the priceless treasure, but this isn't all bad either.
4 tlk70000153_10_msg0004 62 Because I got to meet strong warriors like your lovely buff selves, I mean!
5 tlk70000153_10_msg0005 62 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]And because you bought my frankly unspeakable intel for a pretty penny, and without even trying to haggle...
6 tlk70000153_10_msg0006 62 I don't have anything more to sell you, but if you ever want to come and look at my treasure, you're welcome to!