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1 tlk70000138_04_msg0001 62 All of Alrest stinks of burning thanks to that Aegis jerk.
2 tlk70000138_04_msg0002 62 Coeia's at the bottom of the Cloud Sea by now, too... Seems like things'll be changing around here, and fast.
3 tlk70000138_04_msg0003 62 Least, that's the sort of rumor you hear round the ports...
4 tlk70000138_04_msg0004 62 My dad only cares about his inventions. Wouldn't have been much skin off my nose before if he'd dropped dead.
5 tlk70000138_04_msg0005 62 But I've changed lately. I'm even starting to think it'd be a good idea to go check in on him.