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1 tlk70000137_10_msg0001 84 His Majesty...
2 tlk70000137_10_msg0002 84 His Majesty has received tremendous support all across the world.
3 tlk70000137_10_msg0003 84 There can't be a more beloved emperor anywhere.
4 tlk70000137_10_msg0004 84 It's something all true Ardainians take great pride in.
5 tlk70000137_10_msg0005 84 As Special Inquisitor, I want to fight the Aegis by His Majesty's side...
6 tlk70000137_10_msg0006 84 But for the sake of my homeland and its people, I must restrain myself and put my duties first.
7 tlk70000137_10_msg0007 84 I pray for His Majesty's good fortune in battle.