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1 tlk70000123_10_msg0001 84 Hello Drivers! Hello all! Dolala have request!
2 tlk70000123_10_msg0002 84 Maybe... If possible... Will you be friends with Dolala?
3 tlk70000123_10_msg0003 84 Dolala is number one fan. Friends not only first-class Drivers, but have big-time knight Lady Lora in party.
4 tlk70000123_10_msg0004 84 So want to talk lots with you! Get to know each other well!
5 tlk70000123_10_msg0005 84 Meh! You will! Wow! Dolala so very, very happy!
6 tlk70000123_10_msg0006 84 Dolala will definitely become kind and gentle Driver like you! Thank you!