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1 tlk70000121_01_msg0001 84 Heheh... Now I'll use this to startle those soldiers at the dock and knock them flat...
2 tlk70000121_01_msg0002 84 Huh?! How long have you been there?
3 tlk70000121_01_msg0003 84 Oh! You want to know exactly how to knock your enemies flat?
4 tlk70000121_01_msg0004 84 It's easy, just startle them with a fireburster, then swipe their legs from under them. Works a charm!
5 tlk70000121_01_msg0005 84 Eh? You don't have a fireburster? Well, I don't know then, use an Art or ether power or something.
6 tlk70000121_01_msg0006 84 Anyway, just startle the enemy and throw them off balance, then knock them over. That's all you need to do!