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1 tlk70000121_01_msg0001 84 Are you a band of Drivers and Blades?
2 tlk70000121_01_msg0002 84 You look pretty strong, but I don't think you'd be suited to being in my party.
3 tlk70000121_01_msg0003 84 Why not, you ask? Well, to put it bluntly, you're simply not up to the task.
4 tlk70000121_01_msg0004 84 Are you keeping your skills up to scratch to make sure you're ready for battle?
5 tlk70000121_01_msg0005 84 You have to think carefully about the skills you want to train, and use your experience from battling and questing.
6 tlk70000121_01_msg0006 84 And me? Well, I'm the cream of the crop when it comes to thieving skills.
7 tlk70000121_01_msg0007 84 So I'm afraid we just wouldn't be a good match.