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1 tlk70000120_10_msg0001 84 Hey, aren't you the knights from Torna? Boy, does your fame ever precede you!
2 tlk70000120_10_msg0002 84 I hear not only did you repel that Eejit or whatever, but then they gave you a title for it, right?
3 tlk70000120_10_msg0003 84 I guess that makes you the most gallant knights in Torna? Well, I'm still the very gallantest here in Gormott, so watch it.
4 tlk70000120_10_msg0004 84 Still though, imagine that! A noble title! You're living my dream right now!
5 tlk70000120_10_msg0005 84 From this point on, you will be judged by your actions, so don't forget that.
6 tlk70000120_10_msg0006 84 ...I mean, you'd never forget that, right? Sorry, I don't know why I'm trying to teach grandmother to suck eggs.
7 tlk70000120_10_msg0007 84 Not that you're that old or anything! OK, I'll shut up now. But let's continue to keep each other honest, yeah?
8 tlk70000120_10_msg0008 84 Like fellow knights! We have to live up to the title. Even if in my case I just gave it to myself, ahahaha!