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1 tlk70000120_03_msg0001 84 Huff... Huff... OK, once more from the top. Elba Uppercut leads into...
2 tlk70000120_03_msg0002 84 ...Elba Smash! Yes! Nailed it!
3 tlk70000120_03_msg0003 84 What, you think this is funny? You've got to yell your own moves! Especially the ones that look awesome!
4 tlk70000120_03_msg0004 84 The chief said you can deal big damage to an enemy if you attack them after they've been launched into the air.
5 tlk70000120_03_msg0005 84 And if you use a move that bashes them into the ground, you'll do even more damage!
6 tlk70000120_03_msg0006 84 So which moves do you look coolest doing? Try this out! Uppercut then smash! Again! Uppercut then SMASH!!!