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1 tlk70000120_02_msg0001 84 Raaaugh! I've come up with a new special move! It's called the "Elba Burning Slash!"
2 tlk70000120_02_msg0002 84 What? No! Not "elbow"! Elba! And not "burning trash", Burning Slash! Like with a sword!
3 tlk70000120_02_msg0003 84 Just forget it... By the way, did you know you can chain up Specials if you have allies? Amazing!
4 tlk70000120_02_msg0004 84 There are certain chains of elements and whatnot that work especially well!
5 tlk70000120_02_msg0005 84 I've no idea about those chains myself, but one day I'll be the greatest combo master Gormott's ever seen!