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1 tlk70000119_04_msg0001 84 Hey there! I was just thinking about you!
2 tlk70000119_04_msg0002 84 Actually, I'll be going to Uraya soon. I was going to pay you a visit!
3 tlk70000119_04_msg0003 84 Sorry to change the subject, but do you know where Lyta and Kaeda might have gone?
4 tlk70000119_04_msg0004 84 They were in Gormott until recently, but haven't been seen for a while now...
5 tlk70000119_04_msg0005 84 Eh? They're in Torna? Helping Lyta's dad?
6 tlk70000119_04_msg0006 84 Oh, I see. So they're keeping busy. I wonder if they'll head back here when they're finished...