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1 tlk70000089_03_msg0001 84 There's a feeling of unease that's been spreading through Gormott - in the White Chair, especially.
2 tlk70000089_03_msg0002 84 We'll soon get orders from the chief to return home.
3 tlk70000089_03_msg0003 84 In such turbulent times, we must endeavor to maintain friendly relations with Mor Ardain.
4 tlk70000089_03_msg0004 84 We plan to continue aligning with Mor Ardain as far as is possible.
5 tlk70000089_03_msg0005 84 We Gormotti plan to throw everything we have at supporting the Tornans.
6 tlk70000089_03_msg0006 84 There's an element of self-interest to this, of course, but they're people, so we must offer them our assistance.
7 tlk70000089_03_msg0007 84 There's value in helping those in trouble, no matter their social status or background...
8 tlk70000089_03_msg0008 84 That's a lesson I have learned directly from your example.