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1 tlk70000077_01_msg0001 84 Thanks for bringing me that rubbish food before... Hey, I really mean it!
2 tlk70000077_01_msg0002 84 Thanks to you, I managed to cure my homesickness and cheer up. Now my maintenance work is going great.
3 tlk70000077_01_msg0003 84 Oh, yeah... Talking of curing things, how are you managing to heal up during fights?
4 tlk70000077_01_msg0004 84 You've got to pay special attention that you don't lose one of your team during a battle.
5 tlk70000077_01_msg0005 84 And it's much better if you keep an eye on those team members who are taking the most damage from enemies.
6 tlk70000077_01_msg0006 84 If they go down, you might suddenly find that your party suddenly falls to pieces.
7 tlk70000077_01_msg0007 84 You know, I gave some Ardainian food to a workmate. He was fine one moment, then on the floor the next...
8 tlk70000077_01_msg0008 84 We had some trouble filling our work quota for that day, I can tell you! Hahaha!