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1 tlk70000076_05_msg0001 84 Are you lot going to do something about all this?
2 tlk70000076_05_msg0002 84 My squad's been recalled. The situation's looking very serious.
3 tlk70000076_05_msg0003 84 I mean... I'm a soldier, of course... but before that I'm a human being. A sentient being, that is...
4 tlk70000076_05_msg0004 84 If others are in need, does it really matter where they come from? Gormotti, Ardainian... We're all people.
5 tlk70000076_05_msg0005 84 I want to do everything I can to help with the relief and the evacutation, right up to the end.
6 tlk70000076_05_msg0006 84 It pains me to say it, but implore you to do here what the Empire cannot.