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1 tlk70000076_01_msg0001 84 You lot fight in specialized roles, surely? Like, one's a defender, one's attacker, and one heals?
2 tlk70000076_01_msg0002 84 The best attacker needs to be out front attacking the enemy until one of them goes down.
3 tlk70000076_01_msg0003 84 That's not to say attackers should be reckless.
4 tlk70000076_01_msg0004 84 The more you attack an enemy, the more aggro you're going to draw. That's a problem for an attacker.
5 tlk70000076_01_msg0005 84 You need to moderate the attack and have the defense absorb some of the aggro. That's the iron law of combat!
6 tlk70000076_01_msg0006 84 ...Well, of course there's no need to tell you that. You managed to best me in combat, after all.