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1 tlk70000075_05_msg001 84 Once you set out on your mission, the Special Inquisitor will make his move not long after.
2 tlk70000075_05_msg002 84 Lady Brighid and Lord Aegaeon are the Jewels of the Ardainian Empire, so we cannot let them come to harm.
3 tlk70000075_05_msg003 84 ...
4 tlk70000075_05_msg004 84 I am sorry that I am unable to protect Your Majesty directly at this crucial time, after all you have done for me.
5 tlk70000075_05_msg005 84 But both I and the Special Inquisitor believe from the bottom of our hearts that you will be successful.
6 tlk70000075_05_msg006 84 That you will surely return victorious and bring glory to the motherland!
7 tlk70000075_05_msg007 84 Fight well, Your Majesty, and be safe!